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How to Avoid Cannabis Fueled Anxiety

Cannabis-fueled anxiety is actually a real thing believe it or not. While some individuals medicate with cannabis to relieve their anxiety others become very anxious and paranoid after smoking or consuming cannabis products. There is, in fact, a very scientific reason as to why this occurs. In each and every one of our bodies, there […]


Northwest Cannabis Solutions is a Tier 3 producer and processor, and their gigantic, state-of-the-art facility is solid proof that the recreational cannabis market is alive and well in Washington state. The facility includes cultivation methods on the cutting-edge, an eye-popping extraction lab, and an edibles kitchen they describe as “world class”. Over 100 employees work […]

LIBERTY REACH CO2 CARTRIDGES Pure Unadulterated Pleasure

We got to enjoy a sample of Liberty Reach’s Strawberry Mango Haze from their Pure line of premium, uncut CO2 oil. A powerful sativa pairing of Strawberry Cough and Nigerian Mango Haze. The African equatorial genetics make for a psychoactive and vigorously stretching plant, while the Strawberry Cough lends bulk and flavor.(Read More By Clicking […]


On the top of a small mountain in Spokane Valley sits a medium-sized grow with large aspirations. GLW is an indoor Tier 2, making soil and nutrient tea in-house to place them above the canopy. The entire grow is full of positive energy and enthusiasm; I have never seen growers so proud and fervent about […]

LILAC CITY GARDENS Nurturing The Five Facets of Exceptional Cannabis

Lilac City Gardens (LCG) is a family-run I-502 Tier 2 grow based in Airway Heights, Washington. The operation is efficient, clean, and emanates a unique warmth. The kindhearted environment stems from the closeness of the staff, and permeates throughout the entire business.(Click to Continue Reading Below) Review: Lilac City Gardens: Nurturing The Five Facets of […]

Pesticide use embarrassing for the industry

Marijuana businesses can’t afford black marks Month after month, we’re seeing the pesticide problem continue to grow within the cannabis industry. To be completely honest, it’s embarrassing. As if marijuana businesses and the legalization movement need more obstacles and opponents, the prevalence of banned pesticides is a black eye for both the industry and the […]

Washington okays tipping at marijuana retail stores

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board clarified its position on budtenders receiving tips at marijuana retail stores. The good news for cannabis industry employees is that the LCB has given the go-ahead: put those tip jars out where customers can see them! “Effective immediately, customer tipping is now an allowable practice in licensed retail […]

CannaSol Farms receives million dollar rebate

Grower rewarded for utilizing new G2V technology OKANOGAN, Wash. — CannaSol Farms, a top-producing cannabis company in Eastern Washington, received a $976,000 rebate check from the Okanogan County Public Utility District, for utilizing fusion-based G2V technology. CannaSol Farms worked with Okanogan County PUD officials to install G2V, which features a miniaturized, high-ionization, plasma-density recapturing system throughout […]

Cannabis shelf life: How long does it last?

  SOURCE: http://www.marijuanaventure.com/cannabis-shelf-life/ An experiment on the shelf stability of cannabis flowers By Nick Mosely Like any agricultural commodity, marijuana has a shelf life. There must be some period of time after which the product has lost its optimum flavor or effect or is no longer fit for human consumption. In other words, at some […]